C++ and Java in Online Games

There seems to be a new trend in the world of C++ programming with regards to online games. The trend in question is taking an existing game and running it in a browser online. There’s a lot of open source games that programmers and players will now be able to tap into. The newest generation of browsers able to do fast JavaScript, Google’s Chrome for example uses the V8 engine so those games can run pretty quick, this enables users to enjoy a quick and clear gaming experience.

Many games seem to be following this pattern. These Games were originally written in C or C++. With Java these games can easily be converted to be played online.

Remember, we aren’t talking about light weight game like online roulette that runs well in all environments. We are referring to games like Quake III, M.U.L.E and FreeCiv some of game history’s favorites.

Some of these games are JavaScript front end, C server backend so you can even play it on an iPhone 3GS.

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